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Sociology Tutorial Article-3 Levels of Sociological Analysis There are generally two levels of analysis in sociology, which may also be regarded as branches of sociology: micro-sociology and macro- sociology Micro-sociology is interested in small scale level of the structure and functioning of human social groups; whereas Macro-sociology studies the large-scale aspects of society. Macro-sociology focuses on the broad features of society. The goal of Macro-sociology is to examine the large-scale social phenomena that determine how social groups are organized and positioned within the social structure. [...]


Sociology Tutorial Article-2

Sociology Tutorial Article-2 Brief Historical Overview Sociology and other social sciences emerged from a common tradition of reflection of social phenomena; interest in the nature of human social behaviour and society has probably always existed; however, most people in most past societies saw their culture as a fixed and god-given entity. This view gradually was replaced by more rational explanations beginning from the 17th  century especially in Western Europe (Rosenberg, 1987). The sociological issues, questions and problems had been raised and [...]


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Sociology Tutorial Article-1 Sociology is a discipline that belongs to what conventionally is called the social science. The discipline plays a leading role in the social sciences. The term sociology literally means the science of society.  Sociology as an academic discipline arose in the first half of 19 century  as a special science dedicated to unravel the fundamental laws  governing the societal phenomena and human social  relationship with primary interest in analyzing the problems and societies of the modern, western world. [...]